Success Stories

successstoriesMichal, a mother of 12 found herself buried in debt paying for the medical bills of her husband who suffered a long protracted illness before passing away. She could not carry the weight of the bills with the everyday costs of supporting her family. Michal writes "The situation was dire. I was both mother and father. I turned to you and you answered me not only with financial support, but with emotional and practical support as well. I was given counseling and guidance every step of the way. Thanks to you I was able to rehabilitate my children emotionally and educationally. Thank you, thank you and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart".

Yael: Your help and support and advice has enabled me to put food on the table for my children. It is due to your guidance that my son is on the right path and has avoided a life of crime. You have saved our lives.

Dina is a 40 year old mother of six and has learned that she has cancer. Beit Avraham is supporting her financially and helping her children so they do not fall behind in their studies while she is being treated for her illness.

David was laid off from his job. David's emotional state and the financial situation in the home rapidly deteriorated to the point of danger. Beit Avraham brought in special staff to help him emotionally. He recuperated fully and is now gainfully employed.