You Decide Which Project(s) to Support



1) "Building Bridges" Project Training and Expansion of Beit Avraham Core Volunteer Team

At Beit Avraham, we are fortunate to have approximately 5,000 volunteers throughout the country. The main role of these volunteers is to distribute, collect, and return our tzedakah(charity?) boxes. We are also blessed to have a core group of 80 volunteers who are deeply committed to working with the needy. The volunteers provide our clients with guidance in matters such as life skills, professional training, job placement, emotional support (for children and adults), psychological rehabilitation assistance, budget balancing training, etc.

Our goal is to offer a monthly our 80 core and 20 new volunteer’s (approx. 3 hrs in the evening) formal training, to enhance their awareness of all of the services that the Ministry of Health, Welfare, Labor, Education, and other ministries relevant to the Beit Avraham recipients. This would also help us recruit and expand the current core unit by 25%, and focus specifically on counselling skills, and making sure that our volunteers are aware of services which would be valuable to Beit Avraham beneficiaries

While the recipients may receive financial assistance on a short-term basis from Beit Avraham, with proper training and knowledge of the programs available, our core volunteers can help them to enrol in programs which will help them escape the cycle of poverty and begin to support themselves and their families.

This formal training would also include:

  • To develop and expand volunteer’s knowledge of the various organizations (governmental and non-profit) to which they can refer clients in need of additional services beyond the scope of Beit Avraham.
  • Training on effective ways to listen and talk to people in difficult, stressful situations, and ways to try to help dissuade the pressure they are feeling.
  • How to deal with work overload training for the volunteers on how to overcome the difficulties of feeling overwhelmed by having so many people to help.
  • Training with a financial consultant to teach the volunteers basic financial advice to give the beneficiaries to get to the root of their financial difficulties, how to manage more efficiently their personal finances, with basic money-saving tips such as not taking taxis, not purchasing cigarettes, etc.
  • To train the volunteers on how to track outcome of beneficiaries, and give them the tools to identify Beit Avraham’s individual or family success stories.
  • Providing peer support group, to function as an informal support group and motivation as well as providing the volunteers with the opportunity to discuss the work related issues and problem-solve together. Thus, reminding the volunteers that although they may act individually, they are working toward the collective goal of the organization.
  • Basic information and updates regarding Beit Avraham's policies regarding volunteers and their activities.
  • The training sessions will take place once a month, for approximately three hours in the evenings. They will be held in three locations monthly so as to be accessible to volunteers in the North, Center and South of Israel. We would like to be able to provide transportation to the training, in the form of bus fare, gas, etc. for our volunteers who live in peripheral areas of the country.

Beit Avraham is respectfully seeking $36,000 ($30 per person per session, for 12 sessions) -to fund this monthly formal training program for our 80-100 core volunteers. The funds will be used to cover the professional facilitator, rental of the location, light refreshments, transportation, and any other costs associated with the program. Dedication/naming opportunities are available at various levels of sponsorship of these sessions.


2) Purchase of "Beit Avraham Vehicles"

In order to help expand our activities to those in need throughout the country, we at Beit Avraham have identified the need to purchase vehicles for our organization. As many other organizations have already discovered, having these vehicles will allow our core volunteers (many of whom do not own a car themselves) the ability to reach more people throughout the country, in a faster and more efficient manner.

We would like to be able to purchase five vehicles for our 80 core volunteers to use throughout the country. We would specifically like to have one car in each of the major areas of Israel: the North, the South, the Center, and the Jerusalem area, as well as an extra, larger vehicle to be used for deliveries- specifically for large, heavy objects. The volunteers would use the cars for various purposes:

Visiting beneficiaries
Transporting beneficiaries to doctors' appointments, pharmacies, etc.
Delivering and picking up medical equipment to and from beneficiaries
Distributing and collecting tzedakah boxes, especially in peripheral areas which lack frequent public transportation
Picking up and distributing large items donated, such as refrigerators, furniture, computers, etc. (this would be done with the larger vehicle)

The average cost of a car in Israel is 70,000 NIS ($20,000), and the cost of a larger vehicle averages at 140,000 NIS ($40,000). We are respectfully requesting $150,000 ($20,000 per car for 4 cars, and $40,000 for the larger vehicle) for this important project. Dedication/naming opportunities are available for the Beit Avraham vehicles, and can be made in honor or in memory of a loved one.


3) Creating a "Beit Avraham Family Rehabilitation Program"- Getting Families Out of Poverty through Job Training

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
              - Maimonides

Although at Beit Avraham we do give one-time financial donations (or sometimes ongoing financial donations) to families in crises, our ultimate goal is to help them to escapethe cycle of poverty and dependence on charity, and to become self-sufficient. Consequently, one of our main goals is to create a "Beit Avraham Family Rehabilitation Program", which will focus on vocational training when relevant. Our well informed core volunteers will provide information on possible job training courses available through the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education. In this way, we will be able to maximize the amount of people we help each year, by giving them the tools they need to break out of the cycle of poverty,

Each year, 600 families turn to us for job placement assistance, and/or financial issues that could be remedied through placement in a steady job. Beit Avraham is respectfully requesting $150,000 in order to develop our Family Rehabilitation Program, in order to get families out of the cycle of poverty through job placement. (not detailed enough. What would the money be used for?)


4) Beit Avraham Health Fund

Each year, a large portion of Beit Avraham's budget ($150,000) is allocated toward helping people all over Israel with medical expenses such as, paying for medications and treatments not covered by Israeli health insurance, long term medical equipment ( hearing aids, wheelchairs, oxygen machines and standby cylinders of 100% oxygen, for people in need of respiratory support, gluco-checks for diabetics, etc.)

Beit Avraham strives to assist anyone in need financially due to medical expenses. These are extremely impoverished individuals who do not have the finances to purchase life-saving medications, treatments, and equipment. Contributions to Beit Avraham's Health Fund will enable us to continue this critical program, which literally helps to save lives.


5) The Beit Avraham Fund to Assist Brides Who Have Lost One or Both Parents

One of the largest funds at Beit Avraham provides financial assistance to brides who are orphaned at a young age. It is especially challenging for young women with one or no parents (in Israel an "orphan" is defined as a child that has lost one or both parents) to have the funds to finance a wedding (even in modest proportions), as well as the finances needed to set up a new home. At Beit Avraham, we recognize that hachnasat kallah (giving support to needy young women who are planning marriage) is one of the greatest mitzvot, and do everything that we can to help these young women start their married lives on financially secure footing. Whenever possible, Beit Avraham also helps guide the young bride and/or couple in the process of how to apply for governmental assistance.

Many young couples will testify that without the help of Beit Avraham, they would not have had the funds they so desperately needed to start their new life together.

Each year, approximately 600 orphaned brides come to Beit Avraham for financial assistance. We are respectfully requesting $150,000 in order to be able to provide each orphaned bride with what she needs, and not have to turn anyone away.


6) Beit Avraham "Vouchers of Hope" Food Bank

Over one-third of Beit Avraham's budget is allocated toward vouchers which enable the needy to purchase food. Working with with supermarket chains throughout the country, Beit Avraham is able to purchase the vouchers in bulk at discounted prices, therefore saving money per individual and allowing us to help even more people. Rather than simply handing out money, these vouchers ensure that the funds are spent to feed the individuals and families in need. Beit Avraham offers food aid to people in need throughout Israel, in 35 communities from Metula in the North to Eilat in the South.

Beit Avraham strives to assist the most indigent people who are not able to provide nourishment for themselves and their families . Beit Avraham's "Vouchers of Hope" Food Bank ensures that funds are directly provided for the purchase of food without intermediary costs. Beneficiaries contact Beit Avraham to request vouchers, granted after verifying the validity of the request with welfare authorities and checking financial documents. Although assistance is requested year-round, the time before the holidays (Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot) brings the greatest requests for food. $19,800 will purchase 300 vouchers for 300 families.