Our Goals

Beit Avraham was established with the clear goal of assisting individuals or families throughout Israel that have become embroiled in difficult financial situations. Since its establishment it has assisted approximately 3,500 people each year, in the following areas:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Family Interpersonal and Economic Counselling
  • Assistance to the Needy
  • Funds to Assist Brides Who Have Lost One or Both Parents

At Beit Avraham, assistance is contingent upon careful and thorough examination of each case, and ascertainment that standard criteria for allocations have been met. A special review committee of ten rabbis and volunteers, headed by Rabbi Stern, meets bimonthly to review the ongoing work of the organization, oversee decisions that have been made, and set policies for the future. The Director, Ephraim Davidian, and Beit Avraham’s lawyer, Itai Ruth, must approve any funds distributed.

Through a combination of financial assistance and employment placement, families are given the chance to break out of the cycle of poverty and begin life anew.

Beit Avraham provides support in the following areas:

  • Medical Bills: Medical expenses not covered by the basic Israeli medical health insurance, such as operations, transplants, fertility treatments, rehabilitation, and certain medications. About 150 people are assisted with medical bills yearly, with an average grant of $1,000 per person/family.
  • Therapies: Many important therapies (medical rehabilitation; psychiatric, psychological, and marital counseling) are not covered by the Israeli insurance. Some therapies are only covered for short periods of time, which are sometimes inadequate for an individual or couple to receive the treatment they need. Beit Avraham is here to help; about 150 people are assisted with therapy treatments yearly, with an average grant of $1,500 per person.
  • Legal Assistance: Legal assistance such as debt protection; ensuring that the person is receiving their lawful rights and are being treated fairly (in cases of divorce, custody issues, etc.), negotiation with creditors, etc. About 150 people are provided with legal assistance yearly, with an average grant of $1,000 per person/family.
  • Accrued Debt: Many people come to Beit Avraham with debts that have accrued over time, and have despaired of paying them. We work to end this downward cycle by helping them pay off their accrued debt. About 600 people are assisted with their accrued debts yearly.
  • Employment and Budget Training: Usually after we at Beit Avraham have assisted the individual/family with their immediate pressing debt(s), we assist them in finding an employment training program that is right for them (in areas such as computers, electrical engineering, carpentry, secretarial work, etc). We also offer budget balancing training so that they can learn how to effectively run a household, and to keep themselves out of the cycle of debt in the future. About 480 families are assisted through employment and budget training yearly, with an average grant of $315.
  • Funds to Couples Who Have Lost One or Both Parents: This fund helps young women who have lost one or both parents with the costs of financing a wedding, as well as setting up a new home. About 600 young women are assisted with wedding expenses yearly, with an average grant of $250 per woman.
  • A unique, volunteer-run rehabilitation program is custom-designed for each person/family in need. Beit Avraham, we don't provide an isolatedsum and abandon the recipient. Instead we continue to follow up and provide guidance to each beneficiary. Our group of eighty “core” volunteers invests hundreds of hours each week, serving as case-workers and “adopting” individuals and families in need. Our volunteers also help us in keeping our paid staff small, so that the majority of our funds can go to those in need.