Pidyon Nefesh by a Tzaddik

pidyon-nefeshEvery Jew endures times of difficulty, be it financial distress, difficulty finding a spouse, childlessness, marital discord, health problems, or the like. Is there anyone whose life is a bed of roses?

For generations, the Jewish way to deal with such issues and merit emerging from darkness to light has been the following:

Repentance, prayer, and charity – for these things avert unfavorable decrees.

A pidyon nefesh is a well-known segulah for bringing about salvation in a way that goes beyond natural means. The combined merit of charity forwarded by a tzaddik to needy families and his pure and holy prayer and the mention of holy Names, sweetens unfavorable decrees and has the power to bring about a swift, immediate yeshuah.

Hagaon Hatzaddik Harav Dovid Chaim Stern, shlit"a, has gained a broad reputation thanks to his prayers, blessings, and segulos, which bring about wondrous yeshuos. Every week, at midnight between Thursday and Friday, this great tzaddik, who has helped so many people, conducts a personal, individualized pidyon nefesh on behalf of each contributor to the Beis Avraham Fund.

The Rav also stipulates that the person requesting a pidyon nefesh undertake to stick to a certain small resolution that he prescribes based on his perception of that person's soul. In the merit of this powerful combination of teshuvah (repentance), prayer and tzedakah, many people merit open miracles.