How We Help

tmiha-almanotWhen a family turns to Beit Avraham, they are often in despair. A situation has come upon them either so suddenly or so gradually that they were drowning before the realized they needed air.

They see no way out of the situation that is slowly choking their family. Most charities offer assistance with basic needs. Food baskets, school supplies and supermarket vouchers are very helpful in ensuring the family does not starve, but will not bring the family out of crisis, ensure financial stability, or prevent the decline of the children due to the crisis.

At Beit Avraham, our staff speaks with each family and to references they provide (a rav, social worker, employer etc.), to get a full understanding of the situation and assess the family's need while at the same time letting them know they are not alone.

Sometimes the need is very simple; medical equipment or bills, paying off a debt incurred by an absent spouse, therapies for a child, debt accrued due to unemployment or illness, the cost of a wedding for an orphaned child that they just cannot cover, etc. Other times, the situation is complex, and requires legal or other professional advice and guidance. Our volunteer board of professionals includes a lawyer, an accountant and the fund's director with decades of experience in crisis management.

Once the family's need is assessed, a plan is drafted which includes the financial assistance, any counseling or therapeutic needs, job training, job placement, budgeting training, mentoring for children affected, and a case manager assigned to guide the family and assist them through the process. By creating a recovery plan specific to each family, we are able to quickly and efficiently care for each family.

With specific financial grants, guidance, mentoring, and a strategic recovery plan, 75% of our families recover financially and remain independent and stable. They and their children are no longer in danger of poverty or risk.