About Us

aboutus engFounded by Rabbi David Chaim Stern (Shlitah), who as a young Holocaust survivor was deeply pained by the young families he saw living in poverty, Beit Avraham has kept families out of the cycle of poverty for 60 years.

With support of great Jewish leaders and Torah scholars, Beit Avraham continues to grow and be a lifeline for families with nowhere else to turn. Our activities are funded by rabbinical support, communities, and individuals who know of our work.

Despite being a well known organization, we are careful to be extremely discreet in our assistance in order to prevent further humiliation and pain to our families due to their circumstances.

Beit Avraham is a unique social welfare organization that has assisted over 100,000 people facing financial difficulties in Israel over the past sixty years. Beit Avraham was established by the disciples of the Chazon Ish, and has been led by Rabbi Dovid Chaim Stern since its founding. A great Jewish leader and Torah scholar, Rabbi Stern,a young Holocaust survivor, was deeply pained by the young families he saw living in hardship and privation. Rabbi Stern's successor, Mr.Ephraim Davidian, has served as the director of Beit Avraham for the past ten years and as such, has dedicated his life to the social welfare of those living in poverty.